Why I added group coaching to DA inc…



For 2023 I kicked off January by launching my new Domestic Athlete, Awakened Body Wellness POD. It has been a long time coming and it took a while for me to wrap my head around what I wanted to do next, how I wanted to do it, and WHY. Although I still enjoy serving private 1 on 1 clients, I felt finally called to this next step to shift how I can help others and create space for it to expand in exciting new ways!

Here are some reasons that inspired this new direction:

1. To help more people.

When I started personal training 20 years ago, the model was 1 to 1 in a gym setting. I excelled in private training this way because my innate ability was in establishing trust and opening space for clients to come as they are and take small steps forward. However, after a certain threshold of appointment hours, it limited how many people I could help once my schedule was maxed out. In a group model, with the right systems in place MORE people can gain access to guidance and tools to navigate their wellness journey, and it allows me to continue to help more people in need.


2. To make it more accessible.

Access and affordability can also limit how long some clients can stay in the program. I was very fortunate for the better part of my career to have clients that seemed to have unlimited financial and time resources to arrange to see me for sessions. However, some clients who also really needed my support, may simply be in a very busy and overwhelming phase in their lives. Group coaching offsets cost per participant, and improves accessibility both through group and 1 on 1 touch-points. Systems are in place to allow for busy lifestyles and finding ways to be optimized before burnout sets in. Results are definitely possible in ALL phases of life!


3. To create a tribe dynamic.

Although 1 on 1 is more customizable and private, it can also be isolating. I have worked with coaches privately in the past but it wasn’t until I was in a group situation did I realize that not only others shared the same challenges as me, but I was also able to contribute to the group from the lessons I learned from my process. This increased my confidence, sense of community and purpose that fuelled my motivational fire.


4. To strengthen accountability and support.

Hands down, anytime I was in a group or leading a group I witnessed accountability and follow-through improve, even when participants only participated in as little as half of the time! Most of us don’t want to fall behind, or let the team down. So we will naturally show up more often with a group than when we are alone. When we do show up, we also gain added support from the tribe or team especially in times that are most difficult.


5. To make it Fun!

When we show up to social events early, it starts out pretty quiet if we are the only ones there. Then a second and third and fourth person arrives and the dynamic changes. As long as the chemistry and connections are there the party picks up and the energy expands. Different varieties of personalities and conversations and perspectives show up in the circle and the bond gets stronger. In the ideal situation we get energized by the right group of the right size. By targeting “pods” of 8-12 people I am aiming at a specific dynamic that allows optimal productivity and growth but with enough space for everyone to get what they need. This also allows for sub groups and healthy competition to drive desire and effort. Good times are had when shared with others!

So, that’s just some of what I am excited about with this new step. If you have tried doing this on your own, explored 1 on 1 with moderate results, or simply get a boost from working with others that are in a similar journey, perhaps this could be a fit for you! If you or someone you know is curious and open to a discovery session please don’t hesitate to reach out. You are one conversation away from that first critical step in aligning with the next-level version of YOU!

Let’s book a coffee chat!

Here is my link: https://calendly.com/domestic-athlete/30min

Wishing you health, love and happiness in 2023!