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My name is Brian DeCastro, and I am the creator of The Domestic Athlete Inc. I am formally schooled and certified in Fitness and Lifestyle Management, Personal Training and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching. Since entering the industry in 1999 I have always been driven to discover how to tap into the potential of human performance and achieving fulfilled life.

If you are not a professional athlete, model or actor where sport performance or a specific appearance plays a role in our pay, then you likely make up the large majority of this target audience. Suppose if we all had the right amount of integrated programming to suit our own needs, lifestyle and budgets. Much like the pros do. What would that look and feel like? This is how the concept of The Domestic Athlete came about for me.

The greater majority of the adult population are faced with common challenges. Whether it be day jobs, family, being a supportive and loving spouse, or even donating some time to the local community, we are all challenged to keep up with doing everything effectively. Quite often what falls by the wayside is any form of optimization program to maintain and/or improve our health while we keep up with the day to day responsibilities and commitments of life.

The Domestic Athlete’s intent is to deliver programming and coaching that supports real fitness for the sport of real life. It is not just about showing up and doing it, as much as it may be about HOW or WHY we need to do it. Rooted in a context that resonates with each of us, the right program can offer just the right ‘plays’ that meet the necessary targets to ultimately get the results we are really looking for. This is where motivation, vision and hard work come together to provide lasting and worthwhile life experiences.

When we recall our best memories we often don’t recall all of the details. What anchors us to the memories are those priceless MOMENTS. Those moments initiate feelings and emotions that can give us joy and provide us experiential wisdom to share and inspire younger generations. We cannot achieve ALL of those available moments and opportunities without the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual capacity to get there! If we are just getting by are we really serving our highest purpose? Do we just want to get by, or do we want MORE!

If any of this resonates with you, maybe this a good place to start.

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Until then… Move Often, Move Well, Move for Life!