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Greetings All!

This first short message is just my way of greeting you to the website and sharing what my intentions are as my Mission and Vision take form through this particular platform of The Domestic Athlete Inc. I have decided to allow myself in the last few months to let my content organically take form by posting what is of most significants to me and my own training at this point of time, but pulling from it the parts I feel may be relevant to all of you. This website will contain my bio information, and other background information for those interested in checking out what I have been up to, but from this point forward I intend to deliver from a place that is present and inspired a I move towards my own objectives as well as I get feedback on the experiences other have been having while on their own fitness journey. In essence I will continue to share updated information, but we have a chance through this means to also ‘co-author’ the content as well.

To lay it out more specifically, here are my intentions with launching

  • Communication tool to reach out to those who find what I offer resonates with there personal health and happiness interests.
  • Data sharing platform for celebrating our successes and spreading the word of how it all happened.
  • Discussion porthole to allow myself and all of you the chance to help each with our life long fitness and health journeys.
  • This site can ultimate serve as a Coaching and Programming tool for those that tune in often enough to develop a pallet and programming vocabulary to properly apply any workout routines I may share to support your training.
  • Any promotions or events coming up that may be of interest to you or someone you know will also be shared and alerted to those that are subscribed to the email list.
  • In the future a store may be built for me to endorse products or learning materials I support and have used myself successfully in the field.
  • Video content and pictures of various programming materials or past events can also be shared or your knowledge and use.

The rest… will remain to be seen since I have only just begun this journey.  I am open to anything else this may offer, and your engagement will be a primary guiding force to what get posted in the blogs and future initiatives. So please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding any of the topics post going forward.

So for the first post I will start with these two items:

DA Vision Statement

To nurture and empower a Community of people that are passionate in achieving health and happiness.

DA Mission Statement

To create, outsource and provide relevant information and tools for those willing to do the work to achieve their personal goals and vision.


Without getting too much into the details, I have a strong belief that many of us have an inner potential that is far greater than what may be expressed in the present time. This does not mean we are failing, it just means that there is more if we are willing to reach for it. My education, experience and skill sets are routed in exercise, coaching, programming and supporting fitness and inspiring change. So this just happens to be the approach I have been GIFTED to use while I spend my time on this planet. I AM BASICALLY USING WHAT IS AVAILABLE TO ME TO HELP OTHERS ACHIEVE WHAT THEY WANT TO EXPERIENCE IN LIFE. I also have a strong believe that insights and intuition can be accessed through our bodies, and utilized for clearing path to what ultimately makes us holistically healthy and happy. So whether one wishes to talk about it first or simply move our bodies first, it all can be accessed through a process that works best for YOU. I also have a belief that when our bodies become healthier, we become more intuitive and creative beings. The challenge is still a very large percentage of the population have not tapped into this abundant resource. Imagine a life where your health, vitality or athleticism is no longer the goal but the NECESSARY asset to your future success! Some may believe this already. But some have not realized what this feels like. I intend to support both of you!

So let’s begin!

Thanks for joining the journey!

Brian DeCastro – Creator of The Domestic Athlete

“Move Often, Move Well, Move for Life!”