Recently, I was decluttering and came across some old pictures. Flipping through a real mess of photos in several different albums and shoeboxes I was getting a “life flashing before my eyes” moment, going in and out of the different phases I experienced in life, from childhood to present time.

I have said it before to clients, but I was noticing again how THE BODY TELLS STORIES, about what we have been up to at any point in our lives.

Here are 3 stories:

PHOTO 1 – “The Silly Student” – 20 years old. Dec 1994 – Bermuda. 142 lbs

If you were to see a history of images from vacations of the past, for some reason flexing on the beach seemed to always be my “go-to”. It is usually spontaneous, and a physical expression of how I am feeling at the time. Relaxed, free, and happy.

The back story in this image was that I was on my Christmas holidays with my family. I was studying Graphic Design in College at the time. In this picture, I was in my second year and had recovered from a brutal year prior, battling some depression and stress from the changes happening in my life at the time. While dealing with some personal challenges, I was also initiated into a level of standards and work volume in the competitive graphics program that resulted in my fitness and muscle mass wasting away to 128 lbs.

The summer prior to this image I devoted myself to gaining my health back, taking martial arts, and adding more enrichment into my life. Perhaps all of that aligned to this one moment of joy compelling me to strike a pose.

PHOTO 2 – “The FAT Cat” – 39 years old. Feb 2014 – Barbados. 170 lbs

Fast forward 20 years and many milestones later. After quitting graphics and moving into the fitness industry I had gone through many more phases of change. I went from playing men’s league basketball into competitive powerlifting for 10 years. Ended my powerlifting quest after a pec tear and surgery in 2005.

Soon after my recovery, I started channelling my focus into my career, married life, and eventually fatherhood. Well, all of that took a toll on me. In this image, I was managing a team of 40 fitness professionals at one of the most prestigious private clubs in the country. I went from being self-employed to a comfortable salaried employee, with benefits, perks, financial certainty and several hours a day sitting at a desk and commuting in my car.

In this image, as I was returning from the ocean, I was FEELING like I did at almost every vacation, so I again struck a pose. Oh, how much more awkward it appeared to me when I saw this picture. And oh how life was kicking my ass from a health perspective.

A couple of years later I entered a new phase again after leaving the manager position and creating Domestic Athlete Inc. Then I soon started to take on a new way of being.

PHOTO 3 – “The Domestic Athlete 2.0” – 46 years old. May 2021. 141 lbs

This is a current image. This man is not smiling, and no, he is not on vacation. This was taken as an accountability shot in the day-to-day life of solo entrepreneurship, several months into a global pandemic. I’m not smiling so much in this pic for a number of reasons, but my context here has significantly changed from the other two pictures. I feel like depending on who you are, many of us may be preparing for the greatest battle of our lives.

At 46, my fifth decade of life on this planet is approaching and I am engaging in a new mission to covid-proof my business and contribute to a secure and stable future for my family, building towards my legacy.

There was once a 1.0 version of the Domestic Athlete. He had to start with embracing himself as we was, imperfections and all. He was doing his best at the time to keep up with life. But, I felt I needed to upgrade, shed inessential body fat, and get optimized to sustain many more meaningful battles and PLAY A BIGGER GAME.

This physique is likely where I will stay for quite some time, as I move into a new decade and phase of life.

So, there you have it. Three stories, that are literally a SLICE of a much bigger picture in a brief experience on an infinite timeline.

What story is your body telling you right now? What is it showing you? Where do you want to take it next? We only have one vehicle in this place. We best give it all we have, right?

Peace. Love. Good health!


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