What if, in the spring of 2020, the mainstream narrative was different? Perhaps at the onset of a global health emergency we were first advised and guided on how to optimize our health, reduce our stress, exercise, eat better foods, breathe properly, and focus on things that made us happier. Imagine that!


Keeping in mind that we may still have needed to go into a lockdown situation to protect the vulnerable and we would still have been in urgent pursuit of treatments and cures, but what if we were reminded EVERY DAY that part of the power we have to protect ourselves against a deadly virus or other health threats was also essentially in our own hands.


Would this not have been a really compelling and empowering message?


What if, the government called upon and funded an initiative that educated and supported the general public on a step-by-step process, designed to make small changes in our lifestyles that resulted in both short and long-term benefits, all within the safety of our own homes?


What if, a critical mass of the human population decided to take this on and commit to an extended period of healthy living for the following several months? How would that have played out?


By doing this we would have been able to support the goal of reducing the pressure on the medical system, naturally boost our immune function and we may feel a strong sense of purpose and contribution by playing a part in the prevention of a variety of preventable illnesses & premature death. Perhaps this would buy us more time to carefully qualify other medical treatments and vaccines, as well as improve our resiliency towards future exposure or infections.


What if, during lockdown periods, teams of experts in finance, parenting & relationship counselling, mental health and spirituality were made available to the public to ensure we all had the tools for reducing stress and feeling empowered, while we work together to hold strong even during the toughest of times in the process?


What if, instead of waiting in lockdown and clinging to the promise of a single solution, the narrative communicated every day was a message of encouragement, support and guidance to improve our health and well-being by even just 1% a week, as we work through this process and discover the safest and most sustainable way out of a global health crisis?


What if…?


What if we all were guided on how to support each other through a variety circumstances and no possible solutions were held back as long as it served the greater good?


How would this affect the lives of those we know around us?


What would our bodies look and feel like right now?


How would this have improved our mental health?


How would it feel to experience this together?


What would be the impact on our families, relationships and economy?


How would this affect our well-being, sense of purpose and overall enjoyment in life?


How would our experience of this historical event show up for us if the narrative shared in the media and numerous conversations was slightly different?


What if every day when we turned on our TV or logged onto the internet, we would see updates on the key indicators of health improvements being documented and reported from everyone taking on healthier and happier lifestyles?


What if we all paused for a moment of silence at the same time every day to pay respects to those that have passed but also to pause in gratitude for our lives, our health, humanity and the planet as a whole?


How powerful would this have been, even if just 40-50% of the world’s population participated in this initiative?


We would be all doing our part while the medical and alternative health care organizations TEAMED UP to continue to build out more solutions. How cool would that be? A critical mass of the world’s population improving their health, sharing and receiving the benefits and spreading the joy!


In my point of view, we would be truly taking MASSIVE ACTION for the greater good of the planet. It would have been the greatest ever platform for self-care accountability experienced in our human history! The younger generations would have learned and gained massively from the leadership of their parents and elders who participated. Many might continue to be inspired to carry on this legacy for generations to come!


What if?


What if the narrative was a little different? How many lives might have been saved?

What if it wasn’t too late to change it now? Or is it?


Perhaps more is possible than we could ever imagine and the choice to engage is STILL fully our own hands. 


What if we decided to rise out of the debate and got on the same team? What would that look and feel like? Who would we need to be to take this evolutionary next step TOGETHER?


It has taken me about 16 months, 2 weeks and 2 days to finally come to a place where I have enough clarity to communicate these ideas from this perspective. Much like many others, I have been through some challenging times and I have also had some powerful breakthroughs from this experience. I have formed new friendships, and some have been unintentionally distanced. It has been tough, but I AM STILL HERE! This has been pushing me to my “NEXT LEVEL”, that I have still yet to fully discover.


I may not have all the solutions. But, I do have my own unique abilities to bring to this shared experience. So, I will continue to bring what I have and encourage others to do the same.

I am in search of my BEST WORK. This is the gift we are receiving from this situation. The OPPORTUNITY to bring our BEST WORK forward.




Regardless of which decision we make on one side of a debate or another, WE ALL STILL NEED TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR OWN HEATH AND WELL-BEING. By doing this we become a HERD of healthy people that are less susceptible to disease.


Is this not a fundamental truth?


If you have made it this far with me, thank you for reading and receiving this message whether you agree or not. Perhaps a great first step is to hold the space for each other like this.


Thank you for holding the space for me!

Sending peace, love and GREAT HEALTH!


Brian, Fellow Human