We are super pumped to have launched the new online group program that will serve as a support structure, resource hub, accountability and like-minded community designed to reignite us in 2023!

I have led and participated in groups before, and when effectively applied we tend to be more consistent, produce better results and have more FUN in the process when committing TOGETHER to a clear vision, plan and structure.


Here are some benefits of online group support:

  • Stronger accountability.
  • Greater learning opportunities.
  • Opportunities to lead, be led, support and be supported.
  • Accumulation of resources and tools to address multiple challenges that come up.
  • Emotional support from others that understand what you are working on.
  • Greater capacity to dream bigger with others cheering us on.
  • Improved focus and consistency.
  • Greater value and content at a more affordable financial investment.
  • Online option cuts back on lost time in commuting, it’s more flexible, and recordable for repeat viewing or listening.
  • Greater potential for better results that last.


What is offered?

For the first stage of the program this is what is included each month:

  • Weekly online group Lifestyle Coaching call.
  • Personal digital journal shared with your coach.
  • 1 lifeline call or session per month. to cover personal support items or specific needs.
  • Monthly program review.
  • Online private group chat to be engaged as often as needed.
  • Resource Toolbox with tools, video, audio, reading content that is relevant to your goals.

This POD is ongoing and you can join at any time where ever you are at in your journey. There are a variety of participants in the program and we all have our own ‘next level’ to align with. In this group we will support and celebrate each other as we take the steps to move towards a fulfilling lifestyle journey!


  • The current promotional rate is $197+HST ($425 value) per month.
  • The group dynamic can provide more value, impact and resources to support you in your journey.
  • It is recommended that a commitment of 3 months to start will get you on your way and experiencing results from the process.


Feel free to ask more questions if have any before taking the next step.

For any questions or to book a discovery call please don’t hesitate to reach out:

Call/Text – 416.571.8066

Email –

Let’s begin the process of aligning our health goals with our LIFE goals!

Be very well!  Brian