Seminars & Workshops:

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    • Online or onsite where available.

DA seminars and workshops can be built out as single events or a series depending on the needs and interests of your team or organization. Topics range from exercise programming & nutritional coaching to lifestyle design & long term visionary planning.

Sessions are interactive, and also provides opportunity for continued work together and take-home tools that are actionable and ready to deploy immediately!

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Four MAIN MODULES covered through DA Inc. include:

1. “MOVE” – This module explores everything related to fitness, exercise and program design. Usually the first form of action we can take on impacting our health and well-being is simply by moving our bodies and improving our physical health performance. The action you can take through movement can happen IMMEDIATELY. The benefits that happen when we start moving, includes stress reduction, increased work capacity, and energetic grounding. The momentum from this process also allows for solutions to surface and a plan to unfold organically in our favour. We just need to show up! This is usually how we start.

2. “FUEL” – Once our body is moving, regenerating and clearing stress, we begin to create “room” in our mental and emotional space to make small changes in how we feed the body to keep performing better. DA’s approach to diet and nutrition uses an “ON THE COURT” learning method to observing and making mindful moves, ONE MEAL AT A TIME. Most of what we eat and how we behave is generated from an old automatic program. In this module we work at taking what you know right now and getting present to what is needed based on the 4 PILLARS of Nutrition.

3. “LIVE” – In this module, we explore the process of lifestyle design by using the data we gather through observing and getting present to what is happening now, and making powerful moves to optimize our living situation. The fundamentals from module 1 & 2 blend very well with the lifestyle component while we go a little deeper into what we encounter in the day to day that may be either helping or hindering our success. When we start to redesign our daily routines and rituals we take our power back and begin to “steer the ship” in whichever direction we choose next.

4. “DREAM” – As our health improves, our practices get refined and we start to feel lighter and energized, we start to become INSPIRED and optimistic around what is actually possible when we decide that it is so. In this visionary and future planning module we discover and explore what more will allow us to access the life we really want to have, in order to be healthy, happy and successful NOW and into the long term future. Dare to dream!


The above modules can be delivered as a series or independently, based on the needs of your team or organization you wish to lead into a self discovery, personal growth and team/community building experience. For more information, let’s book a call to discuss what your vision is for your inner circle or tribe.