OCT 16, 2021


 Driving along an empty country road. Darkness everywhere. Rain is coming down pretty hard. I can barely see anything. But I’m okay because I know where I’m going this time. This is the fourth time taking this route to the farm.

 A couple of messages buzzed my phone. Probably my two trusty volunteers responding to my wake-up confirmation. They are on their way to the location as well to meet me there to set up.

 I arrive and park the car near the loft to check-in. The venue owner is there, doing the finish-up touches. Everything is set up already, waiting for our arrival. The rain is still pouring, now beating down on the roof of the loft. It sounds pretty cool.

 The lighting is dim in the loft. There are high ceilings, we are surrounded by wood and wide open space with 18 seats evenly spaced in a big oval shape set up from the night before. 

Snacks and coffee are set out to the side ready for our guests to arrive. 

 The first few guests start to pull in. Just inside the entrance, there is a place to swap out our hiking boots for indoor shoes. For this event, inside the loft will be our “sacred space. 

 The guests, select their spots and settle in as we start to gather, meet and greet, sip coffee and nibble on snacks.

 As the rain is still beating down, I wonder if or how we will manage the first item on our itinerary – the trail walk. There’s still some time to spare, and I have a backup plan, but I’m hopeful the rain will stop.

 The sun slowly starts to light up the overcast sky outside of the loft and shine a dull grey light through the windows.

 It’s now 7:50 AM. 10 min before we are to head out and 5 min after we were already supposed to circle up. Two guests haven’t arrived yet. Two more buzzes on my phone. They are almost here!

 The final guest arrives at 8:10 AM. Sun is up now. Rain has fully stopped. Ready to go!

 We head outside to the path leading about 80 yards off into the distance to the mouth of the trail, then we head into the woods checking in and getting to know one another. It has begun! The spirit of the event has been fully awakened.

I did it! I was hosting my first ever mini-retreat experience for a small group of like-minded, connection-seeking, friends. 

We got some exercise in, shared ideas, learned from each other, reconnected face to face and got cleared and re-energized to embrace the incoming fall season.

 I shared an introduction to my Awakened Body Series, and we learned in several different ways; moving, open discussion, journalling, breakout groups and immersive experience.

The session was completed with a group Reiki clearing, facilitated by two other practitioners and myself. Everything was perfect. We completed on time, said our farewells and it was over by noon.

I was so pleased with how it went. I was felt so relaxed, yet focused as I delivered content and moved through the morning. I received some great feedback as well, and some connections made at the event continued thereafter. It was so much fun to finally experience something I had dreamt of for years! Finally, we were able to make it happen!

 As I loaded up my car shortly after the last guest departed, I took a breath and pulled away with a feeling of total gratitude, appreciation and accomplishment for how it all came together…

 I also noticed a few things:

  1. Everyone seemed to naturally fit with one another.
  2. All the right people just appeared to support me in participating and delivering in the event.
  3. There was no negative stress or conflicts whatsoever around the current health crisis we have been enduring for almost two years. None of that seemed to exist at the time. It was as if we all got a break from the day-to-day world.

 For me, it felt light and free!

 After several challenging months, we all seemed to finally find ourselves again. We were content. Safe. No drama. Just simple human connection, with self, others and nature.

We were reminded that this is possible again, and very necessary. We rediscovered that these moments are so important for learning from one another and reconnecting with the source of our power.

Here are three big lessons I learned from taking this leap and checking off this highlight of 2021:

 LESSON 1 – “Time will not wait for you to get your s#!t together.”

  • Sometimes you just need to go for it and break new ground beyond your comfort zone. Timing is often pretty crucial but sometimes things just work out when we take massive action.

LESSON 2 – When in doubt, just get help from others.

  • Usually, we doubt ourselves when we don’t have all the answers. 
  • Simply just communicate and ask questions. Gain more clarity and answers will be revealed.
  • Extra hands go a long way too!

LESSON 3 – Even when you don’t know all the reasons WHY just follow your passion and trust the process.

  • If you want something bad enough you will experience a burning desire that will compel you into action. 
  • Our purpose drives our passion. How we get there, will soon be revealed. Just enjoy the ride!

Thank you ALL, who supported me, encouraged me, held me accountable and managed to make it out and participate in this event. Without all of you, well, there’s just me and a dream. 

Here’s to making more dreams come true in 2022!

I hope this resonates. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding this or future events. 

I look forward to exploring what comes next!

For more information on upcoming events don’t hesitate to reach out!


Retreat location: https://sherwoodfarmretreat.ca/