What will the Fall Season bring in 2022? 

This is what I was contemplating while I recently engaged in a vision download while doing a Reiki meditation on myself.


The experience I was having was that I was in an old dark room of an old house, standing in front of the closed door…


A light knocking vibrated the door that seemed a little eerie to me. I waited to see what would happen before I considered opening the door. The light knocking became harder, bigger, much like a closed fist pounding on the center of the structure. It started to violently vibrate the door to the point where I felt compelled to place my hands on it to prevent what was on the other side from coming in.


The aggressive nature of the force behind the door advanced… The doorknob started to rattle, and at some moments, the door inched open towards me!

I had to press hard with all of my body weight to keep the door from opening. 


This carried on for several minutes… My arms were shaking. Sweat covered my face… My focus was only on keeping the door from opening… This carried on and on until I just ended the meditation.


What did it mean? 

What was the message? 

Why was I so afraid of what was behind that door?


I contemplated what was coming up for me and noticed a theme that had been showing up not only in my own life but in the experiences of others in my inner circle.


The force behind the door represents an initiation of a new way of being. The longer we resist it, the greater the force becomes. For many of us who happened to be experiencing a personal/spiritual awakening in the last few years, we have been confronted with some challenging moments, where we are invited to discover who we really are. There have been some fleeting moments of grace, but for the most part, the journey has been very uncomfortable. 


It is not uncommon for me to share in discussions with colleagues in similar challenges with constantly attracting or manifesting the OPPOSITE of what they want to have and experience in their lives.


This CONTRAST shows us what we don’t want, and invites us to explore what we really want to experience next. But if we keep resisting the contrast, (holding back the door), we will never know what is possible on the other side.


This summer I heard a wise woman say, “Mother Earth is in chaos right now. She is seeking balance and flow.”


We too are not exempt from this experience because we too are a part of Mother Nature. We are not higher or lower. We are part of the same natural order. So, what she feels, WE FEEL IT TOO!


So, what is the next step?


What if…


What if the force behind the door is the GRIM REAPER, coming in to have that last dance? What if it is our greatest imaginable fear? 

What if it’s a LOVED ONE in need of help? What if it is LOVE ITSELF, fighting for you? 

What if it is a future version of YOU on the other side fighting for your life to be what you have always hoped it would be?


No matter what it is, there is one big truth… 

The truth is, we cannot hold that door back forever!


Eventually, we will fatigue, breakdown or the door smashes, and we could get crushed by its mass, OR, we could decide it’s time to LET GO and confront, accept, receive or allow whatever it is to unfold FOR US so that we can experience what else exists outside of the darkroom we have kept ourselves in for so long.


Is it time? Is it time to explore what is REALLY possible?


This fall I feel like we are being invited to LET GO. The choice is our own. You are welcome to keep fighting, or you are welcome to let go. Neither choice is right nor wrong. It’s just a choice. The choice is your own. It’s Your Journey!




Are you still holding back the door?

How hard is it getting to fight it?

Are you ready to let go?

What do you need next to allow it to unfold?

What is possible for you on the other side, outside of the darkroom?


Grab a journal and start answering those questions from your heart.

Destiny awaits! Whatever you choose that to be…


You are not alone. 

Let’s all do this together!


What will the Fall Season bring in for YOU in 2022?

Be healthy, prosperous and happy.




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