Welcome Back!

Greetings All! Welcome back to the renewed version of the website. Here is an update on where things are at since the website took a hiatus.

Sept 2020

At the time my website got reset and some of my blogs literally vanished I was building on content to support my community around the area of mental health, and what we can control during the second coming lockdown. Although it was frustrating to restart again it forced me to do stop procrastinating, and surrender to the work that needed to be done. This is what happened next…


At the time I had been adapting a little bit, but mostly just surviving through the earlier stages of the pandemic lockdowns.
Aside from working with some clients online, I had begun bringing new clients on, but so much more had yet to be done to get to a stable place. My health has been good, but my body was feeling a bit off its game from the stress I had been experiencing with almost everyone else. I needed to make bigger moves.
In a networking and mastermind event I co-host, something just clicked for me when a certain mix of men who attended started to really double down on their 30-day goals. Our fires were lit and a new game was about to be played.


In that meeting, many of us realized we had to just let go of the past, and look into the future to move towards the “next thing”.
I felt the need to take bigger action on ANYTHING that I could initiate within the next 24 hrs.
Knowing how I feel when my body is lean, healthy and strong I felt that I needed to not only get moving again but I needed to start impacting my health PERFORMANCE in a much more significant way.


So I made an agreement with one of the men for that month that I would commit to a new program and make myself accountable for doing the work by being in communication with him on a daily basis to confirm I completed my workouts. The first 2 weeks were physically and mentally painful but I broke through and started loving weight lifting again and experiencing results!

When my training gained momentum my business started to pick up again too! If you were to plot it on a graph from the month of Oct and through to the end of the quarter, you would see as my health and physical performance improved, so did my revenue! This was a powerful reminder that when we raise our energy and frequency we have the ability to attract more opportunities. Another great reason why we need to be healthier than ever RIGHT NOW.

Moving forward

This small wave of financial success allowed me to enjoy the holidays and worry a little less and feel a renewed gratitude and appreciation for the business growth and loyal support from clients.
This built momentum into the new year and a growth in confidence as more doors opened for opportunities to kick-off 2021. BUT, there is still more to do!

I actually still have a long way to go on my journey to realizing my ultimate vision. This was just a phase in the process. WE ARE NOT OUR BODIES. Our bodies are the vehicles that we use to move about in, to experience and impact the world and to serve our higher purpose.

In late Feb, I continued to upgrade my inner circle of people that I network and work with. We push and support each other to move to the next level. I accepted the challenge and my health performance journey broke through to another level!

I dropped 18 lbs, started hitting bigger lifts in training again, and my energy had become higher and more sustainable, allowing my productivity output to be greater. This is what I have been needing!

Over the course of fall 2020 to spring 2021, my body went through a transformation simply because I made a decision! With the right tools in place and accountability measures intact, results were inevitable.

Now here we are, still working through this challenge together, with still yet no complete certainty on how long this will last. However, while we are here, I believe we can still command control over our health and well-being and be better for it.

3 Big Lessons…

Here are 3 lessons I can share from my journey so far that I hope may be of value to your goals.

1.There is always a way out of a jam. No matter how tough things may be and how it feels like we are in a real bind, there is always the FIRST STEP. I had limited certainty on what would happen when I levelled up on my health, but I just knew it was something I had control over and that being healthy now would be better than letting things decline. With a fit body and mindset, I would have the resources to fight out of a whole.

2. We are always more powerful in numbers. People need people! We can generate a certain amount of energy and productivity alone but we can expand our outputs exponentially with a “pod” of the right mix of people working together. When we are having hard days, we will have others to support and encourage us and vice-versa.

3. At the end of the day, we MUST heal and charge forward. Letting go of old hurts, forgiving ourselves and others, and doing this regularly as a practice, can create room for NEW opportunities, possibilities and creations. But we must be willing to go there, to clear it and prevent from bringing limiting mental programming into our new mission.

Complete with the passed. Focus on a new future!


What is imaginably possible with your health and lifestyle in the next 90 days?

What impact would achieving that possibly have on your current life experience?

WHO do you need to BE to get there?

What do you need to be successful?

The next steps…

JUST START. In the next 24-48 hrs, what simple and accessible move can you make to just start moving forward? It could be as simple as walking, stretching or deep breathing etc.

For the next 10 days… Whatever you choose, commit to it for the next 10 days. Let it unfold FOR you. Enrol a friend to raise your frequency and hold accountability in place.

By the next 40 days… After continuing this process for over a month imagine what could be possible with more energy, mental clarity, and a little more inspiration. How would that feel?

Let’s Stay in this TOGETHER!

Keep me posted! If you need any help with this don’t hesitate to reach out.  This can be an overwhelming process but it does not have to be. Embedded in your current lifestyle situation are the answers to big momentum towards your goals!

Click the link to the questionnaire below and gain more grounding on where to focus first.

Lifestyle Optimization Questionnaire

Mention this blog in your questionnaire and have me in your corner for the first 10-days as we set your process in motion.

Now is the time! Let’s get you started!

Move, Fuel, Live and BE well!