Resonating questions from 2021…

Well, the year is coming to a close and I still feel that I have questions that aren’t completely answered. So, instead of trying to answer these questions myself and providing my own opinion, I thought I’d just ask the questions and leave it at that. At the end of the day, my opinion doesn’t matter, since I do not claim to have the answers. Feel free to contemplate any question in the list or add to it. These are actual questions I have and are meant to be coming from a neutral and curious place. They are not meant to “trigger” emotional responses however they may. They are not meant to pick a side although it may appear so, depending on your viewpoint, and that’s fine too. It was somewhat therapeutic and energetically freeing to write these down. There were more questions, but they started to carry a bias to one side or another, so I deleted them. Perhaps the aim in 2022 is to move away from polarization and towards unification. But who am I to say. I am just one man with one point of view.

Here are some of my questions…

  1. Are we as healthy or unhealthy as we think we are?
  2. How many of us have improved our self-care practices since the pandemic started?
  3. When will our health choices go back to being private information?
  4. Is nature trying to destroy itself?
  5. Why is it acceptable to dismiss one’s spiritual beliefs or practices when it relates to choices around their own physical autonomy?
  6. How come it seems easier to be more sucked into fear than committed to happiness?
  7. When will healthy people no longer be required to wear a mask or show ID of any kind to enter a public recreational building?
  8. Why aren’t self-care protocols promoted as much as any public health mandate?
  9. Why haven’t health professionals of ALL sectors been brought together to come up with MULTIPLE solutions to ending the HEALTH crisis?
  10. What legitimate fears may we still have right now that are based on FACTS?
  11. Is nature simply just resetting itself or is this a man-made phenomenon or a bit of both?
  12. What GIFT are we collectively receiving by having gone through this experience together?
  13. How does asking questions make us “anti” anything?

I have spent a great effort publicly staying out of so many conversations, but by nature, I am a very curious person and I have been constantly asking questions since I was a child. To not say or ask anything, is starting to no longer feel natural to me. HOLDING BACK anything for many of us can be very limiting and energetically draining. With a new year coming, and a desire to make it the BEST YEAR EVER, clearing the karma a bit may be a great start for some of us. What questions do you have remaining from this year? What conversations will help you make your peace with 2021 so that you can turn the page and move forward on your health goals, and overall well-being? No question is “wrong” to ask, especially if you are legitimately looking for answers and solutions. This is how we grow! This is how we evolve! Don’t hold back!

I’ll end with this…

IMAGINE that Jan 1, 2022, is DAY 1 of a new way of being. How do you want to experience yourself in the world now? What curiosities come up that you wish to explore? What do you need to make this possible? WHO do you need around you to share in supporting, creating and contributing to making the world a better place? What compels you?

I too am challenged by taking a leap, thinking, doing, and behaving differently to explore what is next for me. If this resonates for you at all, feel free to begin the process now, but write your wishes down. Tell others. Find others to explore and create with. This is the time! This is when we write a NEW STORY.

Let’s go!

Happy New Year!

All the best in Health, Love and Happiness!