Well this is it folks! The final blog post for 2016.

After taking some time off to recharge and reflect here are some thoughts I have as we wrap up 2016…

I have just about cleared a full year since the launch of The Domestic Athlete Inc. It has been quite an exciting learning experience to say the least. It feels like so much has happened since the first post in April. It seems so long ago, when I first shared my 5 Principles and spent some beautiful summer days on a park bench, contemplating how I would ever be able to reach out and connect with like-minded and health conscious career people, homemakers, moms, dads and “rec-level” athletes. I have had my moments for sure. Sometimes great, sometimes frustrating and doubtful. Thanks to the support of mentors and those in my network who have run their businesses much longer than I have, I managed to stay positive and keep at it. The first year for me has been quite a personal evolution and as I write this article I only realize now how amazing this has been so far!

Without rambling on too much I would like to share some really valuable lessons that have gained from this process in 2016: 

  1. A Dream, Hard Work and Opportunity EVENTUALLY intercept! I have come to believe this in a much bigger way this year, ESPECIALLY moments after leaving a pivotal meeting at my last place of work on Jan 19. Shortly after that meeting my life began a major shift! Keep doing “Your Work” and dream big. Stuff will play out as it should. The speed of which these variables cross over depends on what we think about every day, how hard we work, how accurate we are about what we want, and our faith in it happening some day. Keep at it!
  2. Prepare as much as you can… But then just EXECUTE! It will never be perfect. NEVER! If the concept feels right, and you have put in enough work to get started, then just begin. Almost every article or social media posting I put up, I have had to reopen and edit some stupid typo or technical glitch after it went public. If I let this keep bothering me I would never have posted again after my third article. I have learned to focus more on execution and action, rather then total perfection. It has become quite freeing and I learn more and more from putting myself out there. Same goes for fitness, new workout programs, or improving lifestyle choices etc. Expect to fail or make mistakes. So when it happens you will rebound faster and stronger every time. If we dwell too much, we will take less shots at the hoop and eventually bench ourselves after losing the passion to play. Just go for it!
  3. Start with doable tasks first. When I work with a client on making lifestyle changes, one thing I ask is, “What are you okay with changing RIGHT NOW, that will move you closer to your goal?” . Start there! Let the small successes pile up into something bigger and better. When I first start a project I dream often and dream BIG. But I kept learning this year, that only small steps will get me to those big targets. It’s much harder to hit a target miles away in one shot, than to make small advances and taking on some lessons along the way. Play the long game.
  4.  Do what you love. Regardless if what we love pays the bills, contributes to some big cause, or makes others happy, it is important to, know what you love, then just do it. If it leads to some other tangible gains then that is truly a bonus. But if we don’t love what we are doing, then we are doing something else that doesn’t fuel the Soul. What we love, will naturally flow through us. It feels less forced. And we would easily do it for free anyway. That’s how you know its the right thing. So let’s get those bills paid so we can allow more space for the things that make us happy!
  5. Let it go! As hard as you worked to achieve a task or goal, once it is done – let it go! If we cling too much to what once was, we are not aware of what IS and looking forward to what ELSE it could be. We stop learning if we stay in the same place in life. This shows up big time in fitness. When we hit a big lift, break a record, put more points on the board, etc. we are not showing gratitude or appreciation for the beauty of such achievements if we cannot let it go. The memories will always be there. But more memories are waiting. On top of the summit you can see yet more peaks on the horizon.  Celebrate and move on. More of that, awaits!

I suppose that will be good enough for now. I look forward to a fresh new year in 2017, looking forward with eyes wide open and a fuller heart. I could go on about my resolutions or goals I have for this year, but I am learning also now to not talk about it and just get at it. More is coming. Most if it I don’t even know about yet. But I look forward to learning more about myself and what The Domestic Athlete can teach me.

Thank you all for supporting, sharing, encouraging and inspiring me this year!

Here’s to a 2016 full of interesting surprises, and a 2017 of New Beginnings!

Happy New Year!

All the best! Health and Happiness to you and yours.

Move Often, Move Well, Move for LIFE!