Theme Post #003

The Domestic Athlete 5 Guiding Principles – (DA-5)

As many may have noticed almost every program has a system or ‘way’ of delivering the programming. This is no different. The reason a system or framework needs to be in place is because without it we can get lost in the mess of information and ideas that are now readily available to us more than it ever has in the past. A system and coach can help streamline this information for more productive use.

The Domestic Athlete 5 Principles (DA-5) are designed to be simple, yet LOADED with information, guidance and room for allowance and customization. In the more common world, what gets in the way of our success is often the very thing that got us where we are right now – LIFE! Much like “SH#T”, LIFE happens too! So let’s not set ourselves up to fail by thinking our jobs, our kids, our spouse, the garbage, snow on the driveway, cable and Wi-Fi interference, or whatever else could happen each day, will just disappear and no longer affect our chance to be fit enough to be happy. Let’s just let go of that. We all deal with it. Instead of resisting it… Let’s work with it!

Let’s work WITH our current situations to find the opportunities in which we can capitalize on a new way of thinking, moving and ‘being well’. There is more time and energy available then we think if we just ‘hack the MATRIX’ to look at the possibilities.

So for the next 5 Thursday posts, the DA-5 will be shared in an intentional order designed to get things started, but also to allow us to go a little deeper through each layer of this style of programming.

This is not intended to be gospel. It is just my point of view. These principles resonate with me because they have contributed to my own success, and witnessed in the the success of many others I have worked with. I hope they may have some room to fit in the lives of others new to the concept of Integrated Wellness Coaching.

In the next five weeks I will elaborate on the DA-5 Principles listed below:

Principle #1 – “Just SHOW UP!”
Principle #2 – “Support HEALTH first.”
Principe #3 – “Be Consistent.”
Principle #4 – “Challenge Your Comfort Zone.”
Principle #5 – “Have a Sense of Purpose.”