The 5 Principles of The Domestic Athlete…
Principle #5 – Have a Sense of Purpose

The fifth and final guiding principle is likely the most powerful one! Without it you may never choose to SHOW UP let alone dip into the other principles.

Having a sense of purpose puts EVERYTHING in your life into perspective.

When we know WHY we are training it makes us care about what we are doing and how we do it. Quality and integrity are put in high demand. Motivation increases when what we are doing fits with our grander vision.

So, what is YOUR Purpose?

Why would we want to stick to a program to enhance human performance? How would this fit in the context of your family life, career, and personal “Legacy”?

A personal Legacy is what we intend to leave behind when we leave this planet. Whether we choose to engage this process full on or not, we will leave behind something no matter how big or small it is. It could be a physical empire like a corporation, an invention, a piece of art, children, or many memorable moments.

No matter what, we leave things behind. The question is whether or not we wish to play a conscious role in what this legacy ends up being.

Purpose driven hearts can go for MILES through unimaginable bouts of adversity! What is YOUR purpose?

With purpose, health, function fitness, optimization etc. all move from the “initial goal” to becoming the primary necessity for supporting our purpose.

For me, MY sense of purpose got heightened when my son arrived in my life 5 years ago. Much of what we do is a living example for future generations. They are always watching.

If you don’t have children, there is likely some other aspect of your life that is just as important to you that drives motivation. It will need to ‘stick’ in order to drive motivation to experience the results you are looking for.

So let’s keep at it and explore and play the game of life with passion, love and curiosity!

Game on!

“Move Often… Move Well… Move for LIFE!”