DA-5 Guiding Principle #3 – Be Consistent

Consistency is a key ingredient to success. It has been indicated that thousands of hours of proper practice must be put in to master a task or skill-set. If we are random or sporadic in our approach we are also not really committed to the Journey.

At first we may need to program loosely to EXPLORE what it is we really want out of our fitness and life ventures. As we develop more of a pattern or focus, organically the specific objectives start to come into play. Then the structure gets solidified we get on “The Path” to success. We end up in “Flow” with process. Without consistency those patterns and ideas cannot take form.

If we need to rehabilitate an injury, increase our squat max by 5%, lose 25 lbs, or shave a minute off our 1-mile time, we will need to stick to some kind of process in order to see the results play out. We can also benefit from this functional repetition by taking notice if what we are doing is NOT working. In that case we will know when to make adjustments to the programming or expectations.

If we are “on again and off again”, swaying back and forth between insane workout “Guilt Clusters” and long streaks of couch surfing, results will be stagnant at best.

Consistency feeds learning and adaptation for the body and mind.

There will be days when you want to just skip it or quit. But expect this to happen, and implement alternatives to keep moving forward so you can keep showing up. Sometimes if our energy is low, the better option could be to WORK-IN, (refer back to principle #2).

Hang in there! It’s totally worth it!

Stay tuned for Principle #4…