DA-5 Guiding Principle #1 – SHOW UP!

Of the 5 guiding principles of the Domestic Athlete model this one seems the most logical. If we don’t show up we don’t have a chance at success!

So what does this mean?

If we are off our program or routine. If we are on the couch. If we are upset or constantly ranting (verbally or mentally) about our situation it is important to know that there is often something we can do about it.

When showing up, we also not only want to be physically present with our task at hand, but we also want to be present in mind and spirit to bring our best to every situation. A great place to practice this is in training.

Sometimes we can look at the efforts we do in training as a rehearsal for LIFE. If we perform well under a barbell what does that mean at home, work or at play? What does it offer us mentally and emotionally?

If we develop mental toughness through long bouts of endurance work or in the middle of a very uncomfortable metabolic conditioning circuit, or how does that express itself in the rest of our lives? We can’t explore this aspect of ourselves if we don’t SHOW UP to put in the work.

We just need to get started?
What can you do today? Then go from there.

Take it everywhere you go. How do you show up as a leader, parent, professional or friend? Why should any of this not be connected in some way to how we take care of our own bodies and wellbeing?

This is the initial GATEWAY step to excellence!
Just freakin show up!!!

Play full on! Play Safe. Just play!

Coming up Principle #2…

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