This coming Oct 15 we will be hosting our third Awakened Body Retreat at Sherwood Farm (details below). In this blog I would like to share about what I got the chance to experience while doing deep inner work in the presence of the horses in the horse therapy component of our session.

Jennifer, the counsellor and life coach, led us through a couple of very subtle yet profound exercises to help us access a deeper and wiser part of our consciousness to help us navigate our health and life journeys.

One of the exercises brought me to the image below. I was to look at it and write about how it made me feel. This is what I got…

I resonated most with the little puppy! It seemed in AWE of the baby horse. He was also envious. He felt “less than” the horse. He was also a little sad because he was aware of how powerful the horse would someday become once he was fully grown.

The horse then said, “You have nothing to be envious of unless you choose to continue comparing yourself to me and forget that I CAN NEVER BE A DOG. No matter how hard I try, I will never be as good a dog as you can be. Just be YOU! When you are truly your authentic self, you will be able to serve the planet in the best way you possibly can. That’s all you can ever ask of yourself. Trying to be anything else than you are will feel impossible, and at times steal you of your life-force and purpose. Just be you… COME AS YOU ARE!”


This was such a profound message for me at the time as my intention in the session was to explore what would allow me to be successful in doing my best work.

Here are some more insights to unpack this a little more:


You can only be who you really are…

If you are born with the genetics to be taller, then tall you may be! Someone with genetics to be shorter cannot be tall. Someone tall cannot be short. Perhaps only by comparison to others’ height, one may be taller or shorter, but we cannot be who we truly are not. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG HERE. We can “spin our wheels” being hurt about this and trying to do “better” in domains that don’t suit us, but no matter what, something is likely feel “missing”. When we embrace who we really are we can embrace our innate strengths and unique abilities…

These are the GIFTS we have been given to do our best work in our lifetime. 

Come as you are!


Your best bet is to bet on your best version of yourself…

Your greatest potential lies in your “greatest potential”. If you optimize and maximize your strengths and triple down on them, you may realize WHY you have what you have and how it brings massive value to others.


When you accept and allow yourself to be most authentic, it will energize you!

It takes far more energy to be something you are not versus what and who you already are. It may energize you to be your authentic self, especially if it enriches the lives of others. When you find the right fit for you, it will feel like you can just keep going with boundless energy. This will fuel your inner fire!

So, that’s what I received from spending some time with these powerful and healing animals among several other like-minded people. Being able to step out of my leadership role for a moment to experience this part of the event made me feel super grateful for taking the leap to co-create with others.

The final exchange in the session from my last question to “KING”, the one horse that locked eyes with me the most in the stable. That question was, “What must I do next?”

His answer was this.

“There is nowhere to go and nothing to do. For this moment RIGHT NOW is all that matters. Just BE HERE now.”

That immediately made me realize how my anxiety over the last couple of years was rooted in the need and concern to control the future at the expense of my health and well-being. Getting grounded and being present was the very thing I was guiding my clients to do most of the time when they were most anxious about matters out of their control. Quite often, we will notice that we will do our BEST WORK, when we are present with the task at hand.

It was such a worthwhile reminder.

From there I was reenergized to carry on supporting our attendees and finish up the event strongly and powerfully.

I was also overcome with a tremendous feeling of gratitude to be called to this work and co-create this event to actualize what once only existed as a dream for several years.

We did it! We made it happen! 

Let’s do more of THIS!

Sending love and gratitude.




Our next Awakened Body Day Retreat is coming up SOON!

Here are the details:

  • Date: Oct 15, 2022
  • Time: 830AM-530PM
  • Location: Sherwood Farm Retreat, King City, ON
  • 12485 7th Concession Rd, King City, ON L7B 1K4
  • Attire: Bring layers, Hiking footwear, change of socks, indoor shoes or slippers
  • Equipment: Exercise mat, blanket, water bottle, additional snacks if needed, pen, journal
  • Investment: $277+HST (After Sept 30)
  • Spots available: 18

Early Bird Registration: $227+HST (From Sept 5 to 30 – save $50)

Registration link:

More information:, call/text 416 571 8066