NOTE:  The following is an automatic writing download I wrote in Mar 2020 at the initial onset of the pandemic. At the time, many of us had very little data to know what was coming next and why. This blog was followed by several other posts intended as a personal outlet and to support others during a very stressful time as we moved through the stages of this process and had to adjust our lifestyles to accommodate and keep thriving.

In Sept 2020, a great portion of my work mysteriously vanished from my website. After several months have now passed I decided to revise and repost this one in hopes that it may still provide some value to those that are curious about what we can learn from this shared collective experience in our history.

The questions asked below were positioned by me personally. The answers (italics), I received through a meditative writing process, (something I feel we can all do), to access what I believe to be is a higher consciousness responding through me. Please read with an opened mind.


Mar 14, 2020 (Repost) – C-19: RECOVER. RESTORE. REFOCUS.

Automatic Writing Download v3

Scribed By: Brian DeCastro



Question: How does something like this come to be?

Answer: You are receiving new information.

The Situation. When a critical mass of people on the cusp of having a paradigm shift, the planet builds in potential energy to a tipping point, then an “event” sets things in motion. Nature takes its course, the “levee” breaks, and the process of restoring balance and a NEW normal begins to unfold. An updated, up-levelled, and evolved version of who you are starts to emerge if you allow it. It is up to human free will, commitment and discipline to build upon this new foundation. Some will shift and adapt to this evolution, and some may slip back to old ways and return to a pre-awakened state. At a macro level, humanity will inch forward and be newly awakened from these such events.

The Challenge. Both before the event and after the event many will have their reasons for being BLOCKED from receiving NEW information. It is very rare to encounter new information unless you have been asking for it. When was the last time you encountered something you have never heard of before or read in a book? These are very rare moments in adult life. These are moments when you may need to PAUSE for a second so you can process the new information. Most of the time, learning, is simply just recalling or remembering something encountered once before. It is simply just reinforcing an existing belief you already had. It is familiar, so it feels true. BUT to learn something BRAND NEW takes a level of keen self-awareness, and courage to be okay with being uncomfortable trusting the value of a different point of view.


Question: What do we do about this?

Answer: Surrender and breathe it in.

What will make the difference, is curious and awakening people choosing to step into a role that allows them to contribute and support as many as possible during this transitional process? It’s a big responsibility and honour to be in such a position. Those who take it on, no matter what perspective they hold, will need to own it, but will be tested in their ability to respect others with of an opposing perspective.

How it works. When there is a block in mindset or ability to receive new information, ANYTHING NEW can cause resistance and there may be an immediate push back often activated to protect current beliefs. So, those that are asking, are likely to be open to new information. The ones that are not ready, are not asking, so that is what qualifies how they may proceed in the process.

For those asking for help, here are some actionable moves:

  • Support your health.

Move your body regularly by applying gentle movement. This is not only good for physical health but also for processing stress. Overextending yourself could be a risk to your life-force resources. Pushing too hard for ego-driven goals will no longer serve what is needed for the time being. Support health first. Work to maintain rather than gain for a little while unless you are working on up-levelling your integrity. If a higher level of health performance is required, some level of intuition must be used when prescribing exercise protocols and new lifestyle practices, so that overtraining and immunity does not get compromised.

  • Simplify life.

By supporting health, life may be simplified a little bit. This is a good thing. When keeping it simple, less is expended or consumed. Taking a conservative approach also allows more reserves to respond to urgent situations when needed. Letting go of things that are “nice to have”, mild addictions, or distractions, or things that are not of necessity, allows the ability to be present with family and friends, read, write, play, relax etc. Most of these activities don’t cost much money or cause much stress to the planet. Just keep it simple and sustainable.

  • Set boundaries.

There are only so many things that can be handled at one time. A balance between focused work and quality rest and recovery will allow the ability to refocus once again. Do what can be done today with the highest level of integrity and then take a rest and prepare for another productive day.

Set boundaries on how much information or NEWS you take in from ANY source or perspective. Be informed, but information can be addictive too. After you know what you need to know, turn it off. Leaving the tv on all day on the news while it repeats the same updates on a continuous loops will only create more subconscious stress and potentially toxic programming. Set boundaries with who you spend time with. If there are people that seem addicted to the bad news and talking about it, hear them out to a level you can support them, but then create space to move on. Remember that allowing them to talk to you all day about what is upsetting them, is only enabling them to amplify the stress, and it is draining the resources needed for urgent and meaningful matters.

Regarding news or other forms of content, a good sign to know you have had enough is you will feel MENTALLY FULL, and it will start to trigger an emotional response. Turn it off, walk away… Unless it is empowering you, it could potentially steer you down a dark path. 

  • Contribute. 

After finding the sweet spot with managing the above three areas, ask yourself, “how can I help?”. There are always people that need help after basic needs are handled first. If your basic needs are simple, then it is easier to meet them, and the sooner you will be able to contribute to those that need a boost. What is in your super-power to share is what will make the world a better place?

Don’t forget to bring lightness to others. Being pleasant, using humour (where appropriate), is also healthy. Whatever keeps it light for those that are getting pulled down by fearful thoughts will lighten the experience for the collective.

Take a breath and be present.


Question: What else do we need to know?

Answer: Unpacking the symbolic nature of this DISease.

Respiratory function. 

As the new information comes in, and we pull it into your body, it gets processed in the heart field. Air molecules are lighter and faster and can carry more information at a higher frequency than something like eating a piece of food, or building a physical object or even writing or reading a book. That is why the spreading is so rapid and exponential. 

This can be a very stressful lesson in non-linear growth but it demonstrates how important this system of growth is for humanity. Linear models are also now breaking down. It is still a very advanced concept to embrace for most of the population. 


Any insecurities will cause a fear-driven guarded reaction. This can show up on posture and body language. Fight or flight. This is an extremely stressful context to hold for an extended amount of time. Regular self-care and bodywork can serve as a way to restore parasympathetic states so digestion, bowel movement and cleansing through the liver and kidneys can occur. Without these organs functioning optimally, the disease can set up shop and feed on the poor food choices and stress hormones stirring through the body. Check-in on this regularly. How tense and guarded are you?

Hoarding of power and resources.

When we are guarded we are also concerned about our power and feelings of loss of control. But if we use the word power interchangeable with money, the same effect occurs like when we hoard our money. This hoarding pattern restricts the ins and outflow of cash. The same goes for power. How we manage this is by ‘spending’ relative to cash flow or energy flow we have. So, if we are only working at 50% capacity, we would need to consider what we can ‘afford’ to spend to keep the flow going. If we are running at 90% we would be able to expend more. We would have more resources. If we blow our net worth in one exchange we are not helping the world or ourselves to thrive.

Going into a grounded and restorative state.

The feminine ‘mother’ energy of nurturing plays a powerful role when we feel unsafe or insecure in the area of basic foundational needs.

Staying grounded, feeding energy back to the earth and in return filling back up by creating space for life-force energy to be received will keep the body and spirit inflow.

Movement is key. 

Bare Feet on the ground. Emersion or floating in the water. Several naps or either an increase in calories for more energy or fasting for recovery are all examples of using a feminine/YIN life-force to regenerate and restore the power to keep going.


Question: Any final words?


None of what is happening is to be viewed as good or bad. As indicated there was naturally a building of potential that inevitably reached a tipping point. This is nature and math…

More importantly, it is what happens after the event occurs. Who will use their resources and FREE WILL to make powerful decisions and perform powerful actions to leave the planet and the lives on it, BETTER THAN THEY FOUND IT?

At the micro-level, individuals have decisions to make for their health, their families and immediate responsibilities… At the macro level, the collective actions of the masses will also have an impact on the evolution of mankind…

And at the same time… In an infinite timeline of life itself, this is just another blip in history. It’s the perspective we hold right now that matters, so that what is important is handled as needed, for the greater good. It is also an opportunity to discover and express your best possible version of love capable at this time.


Be healthy. Be well. Be LOVE!