Domestic Athlete – 10-Day Habit Drive

What is it?

This is an actionable way to tune in and kick start new habits into your lifestyle. Sometimes we get stagnant and a little bit of applied pressure at the right time can bring us to a different mindset or at least offer us a chance to learn something new about ourselves.

How does it work?

For a minimum of 15 min each day for 10 consecutive days, I will be devoting this time to supporting my body, mind, and/or soul. My intent to breakthrough plateaus by taking action on my behaviours and daily routines. It is somewhat of self imposed intervention!

What are the guidelines?

The primary guidelines are to devote at least 15 minutes, to things that you may not be doing already, that you feel could be of some benefit if brought into your lifestyle.

Examples of this include:

– Gentle movement practice (ie. walking, mobility work, yoga, chi gong etc.)
– Mediation or Visualization
– Writing, Drawing or Studying a new topic of keen interest that you have been unable to explore on a regular basis.
– Or whatever ever else you feel will contribute to enriching the body, mind or soul.

Items that may not be as impactful include things we are already doing or have been doing frequently enough to seem regular practice. It must be something new that we feel may enhance our day or inspire change. We also want to choose something that is readily accessible. The item of the day may also change from day to day, but we just need to keep devoting that 15 mins to ourselves. It seem simple but everything changes when we become more conscious of this GIFT of time.

When will this happen?

On Monday November 14, my first video blog will go up initiating the process and indicating what my activity will be for that day. I will share what I will be doing for the day, but other participants are welcome to select what will fit for them. This process is meant to be custom built for all those joining in.

What happens after 10 days?

That is a great question! The point of such and exercise is to facilitate a process that inspires us to move forward into something that supports health and happiness. So it remains to be seen, until the 10th day!

How do I get in on this?

You may subscribe at or simply just follow along as postings go up every morning. There is no prerequisite to join in and comment, and you can join part way and continue through your own 10-day cycle. However if we start at the same time we can support each other along the way.

Looking forward to getting started!
For more info feel free to contact me at

See you there!