Day 8 Log…

Thoughts from today…

To be totally honest I was not sure how I was going to get my time in today.

Work was great today. It was a solid day. Quite busy. But I am still getting use to a new schedule at home, so sometimes it turns into a bit of a $hit storm transitioning to home life from work life.

So after most of the evening routines were over I went outside to move some snow. After I was done I did’t feel ready to go inside so I went for a walk for some alone time.

On the walk I realized it had been almost 6 yrs since I have went for a random walk on a cold night like this by myself! Routines just change when we have a kid I guess.

I really love the erie sky and look of the snow glowing and lighting up the ground. It has a calming affect to me for some reason.

So I guess I got what I needed for today. Done and done!

Start Time: 9:26 PM

Time frame of exercise: 32:00 min

Feelings before: frustrated, tired, angry

Activity Log: “Winter walk”

Intensity: 3

(1 – Gentle, 2 – Light, 3 – Moderate, 4 – Challenging, 5 – High)


  • Just get your winter crap on and go!

Feelings after: tired but content, hungry

Lesson of the day: “Use less force. Go with the flow.”

Tomorrow’s Focus: ???