Day 7 Log…

No video submission today… But here are some thoughts…

Today was a bit crazy. Arrived early with friends and our kids to claim some realestate on the street for the Santa Claus parade.

Weather was a bit rough on us for the first time this season. It was wet, cold, windy and it kicked our ass!

So, since all we were thinking of by the time we got home was taking a nap by the fireplace, I decided to deviate from the plan of endurance training to more of a recovery measure.

Start Time: 4:15 PM

Time frame of exercise: 20:00 min

Feelings before: tired, drowsy, uninterested in exercise

Activity Log: “Dad Cocoon”

Intensity: 1

(1 – Gentle, 2 – Light, 3 – Moderate, 4 – Challenging, 5 – High)


This is a technique I learned when we first had our son. When the new life change started to tax us from sleep occasionally and the pressure increased from being “on” at work and at home, I discover this quick way to get refreshed in very little time when opportunity strikes during the day.

  • Set up a blanket on the floor and fold yourself like a taco on your back.
  • Use a sleep mask to assist to a little more sensory deprivation.
  • Set a timer for the desired amount of time (less that 30 min)
  • Focus on breathing and just observe your body while you relax.
  • By min 10-15 you may notice you start dosing off a little bit but before you fully fall asleep the timer will go off alerting you to complete the exercise.
  • This usually results in a mental refresher and brings back alertness.

Feelings after: refreshed, alert, hungry and ready to get back to my daily tasks.

Lesson of the day: “Sometimes no matter how much you want to plan it, sometimes you just need to keep it low key to aid in better recovery.”

Tomorrow’s Focus: Body work