Day 5 Log…

Video Length: 2:45 min

Start Time: 2:26 PM

Time frame of exercise: 39:00 min

Feelings before: more ‘blah’, little mentally drained from the week. I notice a mind shift happens on fridays the runs me into a reflection mode prior to the weekend starting.

Activity Log: Mobility

Intensity: 2

(1 – Gentle, 2 – Light, 3 – Moderate, 4 – Challenging, 5 – High)


  • worked from soles of feet up into the hips and lower back
  • equipment – muscle massager, lacrosse ball, super nova, foam roller

Feelings after: much more alert, refreshed, but becoming aware of the extra time I need to spend in this modality or i need to do this more often.

Lesson of the day: “The best program for you is the program you will SHOW UP for!”

Tomorrow’s Focus: Meditation