Day 10 Log…

Start Time: 9:27 PM

Time frame of exercise: 30:36 min

Feelings before: tired, foggy, mentally and emotionally drained

Activity Log: “Intuitive Journalling”

Intensity: 1

(1 – Gentle, 2 – Light, 3 – Moderate, 4 – Challenging, 5 – High)


  • Choose a topic
  • Prepare to write thoughts down freely
  • Begin the entry in form of a question, leading into a back and forth conversation
  • Ask the question… Then answer it… Repeat until you feel satisfied.

Feelings after: still tired, but satisfied with the outcome, please with my effort to complete the challenge.

Lesson of the day:You choose what comes next. But you must FIRST have Faith .

Coming Soon…

My final thoughts and lessons from this habit drive session.

In the meantime here is a little piece from tonights journal…


Quote from the entry… (Bold is ME asking the questions. Italics are the responses I received.)

What is ‘faith’?

Faith is an interesting thought process. When you try to DO faith, you are already trying too hard. If you have to little of it, then you aren’t doing enough. Faith exists when you know or intend on something, but there are still some unknown aspects of the journey you seek.

 Faith is also a feeling. You have faith, because you feel it. The feeling is certainly there, even when uncertainties still exist. That’s what makes it faith!

 Why do we have it? Or why do we need it?

Faith exists so you can move forward. Without it, things like doubt set in, that cause you to take opposite action to the actions faith encourages us to do.

 Faith has a presence. The presence is something beyond you. Bigger than you. It calls you. It says, “You choose what comes next. But you must FIRST have faith .” When you find true faith, you are no longer TESTING it, or testing where it comes from. When you have faith, it provides you the space, to wonder and dream.

 Can faith be taught?

 Not likely. Faith is realized. Found. Drawn inward towards your heart. You can learn a number of things but at the right moment in time the accumulation of things you have learned add up to that moment when you first realize faith. Thing just begin to ‘checked out’ again and again, and these truths go hand and hand with faith. After you have it, you sometimes forget. Until those moments come again to remind you of the power of faith.

 Try less… Explore and discover more… Be curious… Do the work… Then, have faith!