Day 1 – Log

Start Time: 11:21 am

Time frame of exerise: 20:37 min

Feelings before: Little anxious, frazzled, busy minded

Activity Log: “Body Work”

Intensity: 1

(1 – Gentle 2 – Light 3 – Moderate 4 – Challenging 5 – High)


  • No programming plan intended
  • Started standing up, free body movement. IE jumping up and down, arm circles,  Zone exercises coordinated with deep breathing.
  • Short moments of just sitting still and breathing
  • Ended with 5 min of Vipassina mediation

Feelings after: Less anxious, still a bit focus on rest of my day but more content about it.

Lesson of the day: “Sometimes we just can’t always get relaxed. There is usually a reason for it. And that is sometime okay.”

Tomorrow’s Focus: Endurance