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The 90-Day Awakening

If you are ready to commit to being fit enough for your life, fit enough to perform better, and fit enough explore life full on, you may just be ready to commit to a 90-day Awakening!

This process has a set format with common wins and challenges, and allows for each person to play at their own pace depending on their situation.

The success lies in finding a sustainable approach that promotes longevity, supports your life interests, and performance goals.

This is an overview of what it may look like:

Days 0-30. "The Messy Room"

Key lessons:
Self Awareness - Habit Forming - Lifestyle Management.

Days 30-60. The Void"

Key lessons:
Focus - Self Monitoring - Lifestyle Design.

Days 60-90. "The Breakthrough!"

Key lessons:
Modification - Customization - Lifestyle Optimization.

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